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Advanced C++ Community

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This is a community about the C++ programming language.

This has been labeled "advanced" due to the nature of the topics that are encouraged to be discussed here. Topics could range anywhere from design patterns, templates, standard library usage, coding techniques, language idioms, best practices, cool c++ libraries, up to lesser known c++ features.

There are no absolute set of restrictions, but entries must be related to c++ or general coding. I would like to highlight a similar community cpp, it is primarily a help forum for c++ issues. I suggest posting there first if you need help. Totally off-topic posts will be removed without notice.

Other interesting reading can be found in the ccptruths journal syndicated from the excellent C++ Truths blog.

The community memory contains entries that have been categorized according to topics. Feel free to read through them and write your own entry so that it may be added and categorized as well.

If you want to post code you could use three C++ to HTML formatters (one done in perl and two done in C++) found on this entry. The code present in that page turns some C++ characters into valid HTML and provides syntax coloring. You should keep in mind not to mess up other people's friends page by wrapping long code posts in an lj-cut tag.

Ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them and it is my intent to make this a good forum for the exchange of ideas on C++.